32 Bit Upgrade for the 16 Bit Micro Experimenter

32 Bit Upgrade for the 16 Bit Micro Experimenter
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As seen in Tom Kilbalo's "UPGRADE YOUR 16-BIT MICRO EXPERIMENTER TO 32-BIT FOR16x2". (July 2012 issue)

The PIC32 32-bit microcontroller is the top performer in Microchip’s product family. The PIC32 offers significant enhancements in speed and performance over all the other members of the Microchip product family. If you require high-end performance for your microcontroller application and want to explore the best in class for 32-bit microcontrollers, then the PIC32 is the processor for you.

The 16-bit Experimenter was introduced in the December ‘09 issue of Nuts & Volts. This Experimenter targeted Microchip's 16-bit microcontrollers and is equipped with a +3.3V regulated power supply, a 16x3 LCD display, four pushbuttons, a 32K EEPROM, 10-pin I/O expansion bus, a 32 kHz clock crystal, and the Microchip ICSP interface for programming and debugging. The Experimenter form factor was made for easy insertion into solderless breadboard environments. Now, you can now use a 32-bit processor with this same Experimenter.

The PIC is programmed with a demo program that does an adc conversion on pin 10 of experimenter and displays result on lcd display continuously.

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