Emergency Radiation Monitor Alarm Kit

Emergency Radiation Monitor Alarm Kit
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As seen in our July 2013 issue.

Build An Emergency Radiation Monitor Alarm by Ron Newton

This is an inexpensive surface-mount project that is good for beginners to start with. This kit has its own printed circuit board (PCB) which makes mounting the components easy. Plus, it comes in a pocket size shielded aluminum case measuring 3.5" in length and 1" in diameter. The on-off switch is a pushbutton on the bottom.

The unit needs no adjustment. It will click once each time it receives a high energy particle. If there is a sizable amount of Gamma radiation, it will sound the alarm.

This Emergency Radiation Monitor Alarm is a good addition to an emergency kit since we simply don't know what the future may bring, and whether or not it may become necessary to be able to detect radiation.

Kit includes:
1 - Photodiode 880NM W/FLTR
3 - .1uF 805 3 - .01uF 805
1 - .001uF 805
4 - 100pF 805
1 - PIC12f1822 Programmed
1 - 8 pin socket
1 – IC Op Amp
1 - IC Reg LDO 5V 0.1A
1 - 1 Meg 805
3 - 10 Meg 805
4 - 10K 805
4 - 1K 805
1 - 4kHz Speaker
2 - Flat Spade terminal
1 - 3/4" shrink tubing 3/8" length
1 - Aluminum flashlight housing
1 – PCB

PROJECT DOWNLOAD PAK (file includes PCB, Schematic, ASM, XLS files)

Note, there will an extra two of each capacitor, and resistors included in the kit due to the complexity of soldering and handling very small surface mount components.

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