Robot Programming: A Practical Guide to Behavior-Based Robotics

Robot Programming: A Practical Guide to Behavior-Based Robotics
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Master Robot Programming with Your Own Free Virtual 'Bot!

You don't need to know either robotics or programming to get started!

Using an intuitive method, Robot Programming deconstructs robot control into simple and distinct behaviors that are easy to program and debug for inexpensive microcontrollers with little memory. Once you’ve mastered programming your online 'bot, you can easily adapt your programs for use in physical robots.

Though Robot Programming smoothes the path to acquiring skills in this arcane art, it does not reduce it to simplistics. With this resource, you can open the door to all the complexity, sophistication, versatility, and robustness that it is possible for robot behavior to exhibit.

What Do You Want Your Robot to do?

Robot Programming's hands-on approach to behavior-based robotics:
  • Teaches you intuitively, with a system that integrates explanation, code examples, and exercises using an online robot simulator
  • Demonstrates programming for mobile robots
  • Gives you the tools to combine sensors with robot skills
  • Shows you how to develop new robot behaviors by manipulating old ones and adjusting programming parameters
  • Provides examples of programming for object seeking, object avoidance, decision-making, and much more
  • Leads you to advanced strategies for designing your own behavior-based systems from scratch
  • Introduces the history and theory behind behavior-based programming
  • Requires no background in either programming or robotics