Robot Builder's Bonanza, Fourth Edition

Robot Builder's Bonanza, Fourth Edition
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Robot Builder’s Bonanza, Best-Selling Book in New Fourth Edition!

(June 17, 2011) The world’s longest-running how-to book on amateur robot building is available now in a new fourth edition. Since its first publication in 1987, Robot Builder’s Bonanza has influenced several hundred thousand readers to build their own automated creatures.

Robot Builder’s Bonanza , Fourth Edition includes step-by-step plans for a number of motorized platforms. The book is described as a compendium of robotics topics, containing more than 100 projects, including 10 robot designs new to the fourth edition. These modular robots are low cost, and are made to be reproduced by readers with no training in mechanical construction.

The new edition approaches robotics as “inspired technology,” the author’s term for using the affordable materials and electronics involved in building small robots to learn about cutting edge technologies used in aerospace, microbiology, marine science, artificial intelligence, and other scientific disciplines.

Robot Builder’s Bonanza , Fourth Edition leverages Web content (available at to augment the printed page. The RBB Online Support site contains all the programming source code from the book, plus bonus articles and chapters, a updated parts finder database, robot e-plans, and variations on the projects presented in the book. The Web site is free, and does not require registration.

Robot Builder’s Bonanza, Fourth Edition covers:

  • Parts, materials, and tools
  • Building motorized wooden, plastic, and metal platforms
  • Rapid prototyping methods
  • Using computer-aided design to draft robots
  • Building bots from toys and found parts
  • Power, motors, and locomotion
  • Robots with wheels, tracks, and legs
  • Constructing robotic arms and grippers
  • Robot electronics and circuit making
  • Microcontrollers—Arduino, PICAXE, and the BASIC stamp
  • Remote control systems
  • Sensors, navigation, and visual feedback

Free online content available at

  • My First Robot tutorial lessons
  • Project parts finder
  • Downloadable programs
  • RBB app notes
  • Robot e-plans and bonus chapters

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