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No-Nonsense Homebrew Annunciator

No-Nonsense Homebrew Annunciator
Price: $14.95
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As seen in our February 2015 issue.

The no nonsense, no microprocessor annunciator is a great little circuit that helps you get your message out without spending too much money. Put two circuits together and you’ll have a six letter annunciator!


This kit is also a fun project to refine your soldering skills with its 102 socket pin connection points. WOW, that’s a lot of soldering!


1 -  PCB

41 - 5mm Slow Changing Rainbow LEDs

1 - Photo cell

1 - 15K 1/4W Resistor

6 - 8 Pin Headers

8.5 - 12 Pin Socket Strips

1 - Transistor

1 - Slide Switch

1 - 4AA Battery Holder with 6in. Leads

Batteries not included

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