Sorting Counter Kit

Sorting Counter Kit
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Also available as Printed Circuit Board
Sorting counters have many uses, keeping score, counting parts; counting people e.g., classifying their sex, age etc, it is just a handy gadget to have on hand.  Hand tally counters are often use for counting people at events or even cars on the road. Instead of using a sheet of paper and marking four lines and a slash showing a count of five you just push the button or buttons.   The sorting counter allows you to keep a total plus keep track of specifics.
This is a very simple project for those who want to learn to solder or are interested in using microprocessors and how they function.   No special tools are needed beside a small tip soldering iron.   It has no box as it stands alone, therefore there is no drilling.    If nothing else build one and send it overseas to a third world hospital. 

The MCU PIC16F726 is pre-programmed as per the article, JULY 2011.

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