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As seen in our September/October 2018 issue of SERVO Magazine. Read the article at the link below!

The ROBOEAR by Brian Beard

The ROBOEAR (Robot Ear) is designed to find the direction to nearby sound sources. In audiology this is called 'localization'. Humans can usually localize a sound to ± 10 degrees. The ROBOEAR's three microphone array can usually localize a sound to a 30 degree sector. It uses amplitude comparison and acoustic cross-correlation to localize sounds. The ROBOEAR's internal processing is done on a PIC 8-bit microcontroller. The ROBOEAR can also function as an audio acquisition front-end for more powerful computers. Communication with the host computer is jumper selectable as either serial UART, or SPI.

The User's Manual and Parts List is available for download at the article link.

A Complete Kit is Available: The ROBOEAR Kit

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