N&V November/December 2018

N&V November/December 2018
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DIY Biotech: Harnessing Bacteria for Fermentation

by Bryan Bergeron

The first installment in a series of DIY Biotech articles.

TGI: The TEENSY Graphics Interface

by Edward Andrews

Building a new version of the Arduino Graphics Interface with a TEENSY 3.6 processor.

Ready Player 2: CC3200 Wi-Fi & IoT MCU — Part 2

by Mirza Kolakovic ,Patricia Kolakovic

Working with CC3200 Launchpad and Code Composer Studio (CCS) — Part 2


Create an LED Sign Controller

by Jon Titus

The step-by-step approach in this tutorial gives you what you need to know to make an LED display sign of your own with a customized controller.

Build a Basic Audio Distortion Analyzer

by Robert Reed

Construct a THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) analyzer that’s easy on the wallet.

Build a MIDI Autoharp

by Jim Arlow

Build a MIDI controller in the form of an autoharp instrument.


The Ham’s Wireless Workbench
by H. Ward Silver
Ham Radio Put to Work
Ham radio is a fertile source of inspirations!

by Kristen McIntyre
Electronics Q&A (11.2018)
Questions related to voice control; a heart rate sensor to use with an Apple Watch; disposing of lead-based solder; 75W vs. 100W LED lights; and waterproof sensors.

Near Space
by L. Paul Verhage
The 2018 Great Plains Super Launch
The Great Plains Super Launch has really taken off!


New Products (11.2018)
Voltage Measurement DAC Hat For Pi, Arbitrary Function Generators, Learn Electronics Crash Course, Flexres Oscilloscopes, Passive Voltage Oscilloscope Probes

Go Ahead — Play with Your Food
by Bryan Bergeron
Mixing electronics and food.

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