Toadstool Kit

Toadstool Kit
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From the September 2015 issue of Nuts & Volts Magazine.

Have you found that your patience doesn’t last very long when you build your microcontroller projects on a breadboard? Connections come loose, the rats-nest of wires can be tricky to trace, you struggle to find spare breadboard holes, and you keep pulling out the wrong wire. In short, it starts to become more frustrating, and less fun!

If you try to revert to using an Arduino, you’re still working off the breadboard and dealing with a mass of wires that threaten to come loose at the slightest provocation.

The Toadstool Mega328 was developed out of these frustrations. It is a prototyping board containing the Atmel ATmega328P microcontroller and allows you to build flexible projects right on your breadboard. It is ideal for hobbyists and enthusiasts looking for a more enjoyable microcontroller experience!

The Toadstool was designed to be feature-rich, flexible, modular and easy to use. We thought that it was worth sacrificing the “fits on the tip of your finger” sexiness for a cool design and loads of features!Thesefeatures include:

·          Plugs directly into your breadboard: no jumper wires running from dev board to breadboard

·          Self-Powered: Great for standalone prototypes, with an on-board voltage regulator

·          Voltage Selector: Flexibility to choose to operate at 5V or 3.3V using the voltage jumper

·          Choose your Crystal: Connect the crystal that suits your specific application best

·          Program & Debug: The on-board header allows quick, easy programming and debugging

·          Safe Power: The on-board regulator is protected against switched polarity and fused to prevent over-current

·          Caps: Toadstool Caps allow you to connect popular modules supporting SPI/I2C/UART protocols

·          DIP Packages: the DIP package means you can easily switch microcontrollers in and out.

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     Kit Assembly

     Getting Started User Guide

     First Project


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