Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer Electronics Projects for Hobbyists and Inventors

Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer Electronics Projects for Hobbyists and Inventors
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Turn your flashes of creativity into first-rate gadgets

Covers Gadgeteer for Micro Framework 4.1 and 4.2

Realize your inner innovator and rapidly build breathtaking electronic devices with Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer. By working through easy-to-follow, practical projects, you’ll discover how to design, assemble, and prototype your own gadgets—all without ever lifting a soldering iron. Learn how to choose components, write Gadgeteer applications, connect your creations to the Web, and troubleshoot. Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer: Electronics Projects for Hobbyists and Inventors contains complete instructions for building your projects using money-saving mainboards and modules.

  • Set up the development environment and tools on your PC
  • Understand Gadgeteer mainboards, modules, and sockets
  • Learn how the Micro Framework and Gadgeteer libraries work
  • Download and debug your applications from your PC
  • Learn the principles of writing structured applications for embedded projects
  • Interface with SPI, I2C, and serial-based modules
  • Work with Gadgeteer interfaces for serial and storage devices, graphics, networking, and web-connected devices
  • Design touch-sensitive graphic display gadgets
  • Create web servers and web devices

Table of contents

Part I: Getting to Know .NET Gadgeteer
Ch 1. Introduction to Gadgeteer
Ch 2. Software Development Environment
Ch 3. Gadgeteer Main Boards
Ch 4. Gadgeteer Modules
Ch 5. Debugging and Deploying Applications
Part II: Projects
Ch 6. Serial Communications Projects
Ch 7. I2C, SPI and GPIO Projects
Ch 8. SD Card and File Projects.
Ch 9. Ethernet and Web Device Projects
Ch 10. Graphics Projects
Ch 11. Video Game Projects
Part III: Build Your Own .NET Gadgeteer Hardware
Ch 12. Designing Gadgeteer Main Boards
Ch 13. Designing Gadgeteer Modules

Author comments

Simon Taylor has been working with embedded device hardware and software for over 30 years. In 1994 he founded the design consultancy Sytech Designs Ltd., which he still runs today. Sytech Designs is one of the first companies that is designing and manufacturing Gadgeteer main boards and modules. Simon has been involved with .NET Micro Framework since the early days and is a member of the Micro Framework Core Team and a Micro Framework partner. His company Sytech Designs specializes in embedded designs, machine-to- machine (M2M) communications, and transport systems.

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