Bike, Scooter, and Chopper Projects for the Evil Genius

Bike, Scooter, and Chopper Projects for the Evil Genius
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Want to take your evil talents on the road? Bike, Scooter, and Chopper Projects for the Evil Genius has everything you need to morph your old, unwanted wheels into fabulous, fully functional vehicles. Now you can fuel your artistic side, conserve energy, and get where you need to go with serious attitude!

Dozens of pictures throughout the building process help you create these rad rides, some that you power yourself and some that will propel you for extensive distances with just the push of a button, running on inexpensive power obtained from a wall socket or the sun. Each project can be modified, mixed together, and customized, enabling you to create literally hundreds of new devices-the only limit is your imagination!

    * Features illustrated instructions and plans for more than 13 highly detailed projects, all of which can be built using easily available parts and a few basic tools.
    * Shows you how to completely dismantle a standard bicycle in order to twist it into something much more evil.
    * Gives you alternative design ideas that leave room for you to mix or change the projects to suit your own evil agenda.
    * Learn new skills and look cool - this book is for everyone with a desire to chop and create. Garage hackers unite!

Regardless of your skill level, Bike, Scooter, and Chopper Projects for the Evil Genius will arm you with the skills you need in order to churn out your very own evil rides. Have a look at what is on our Evil Genius drawing board…

Attitude and Style

    * Gladiator Chopper Trike
    * Old Skool Attitude
    * The Whipper Snapper

            Speed and Comfort
                + StreetFox Tadpole Trike
                + DeltaWolf Racing Trike
                + Little Warrior Trike

            Alternative Transportation
                + Ucan2 HandCycle
                + SpinCycle Vortex
                + SkyStyle Tallbike

            Electric Power
                + Sparky MiniBike
                + LongRanger Bike
                + Silent Speedster
                + Kids Electric Trike
            Table of contents

            Section One: Getting Started
            Project 1. A Complete Bicycle Autopsy
            Section Two: Attitude and Style
            Project 2. The Gladiator Chopper
            Project 3. Old Skool Attitude
            Project 4. Whippensnapper
            Section Three: Speed and Comfort
            Project 5. StreetFox Tadpole Trike
            Project 6. DeltaWolf Racing Trike
            Project 7. Little Warrior Trike
            Section Four: Wild and Crazy Wheels
            Project 8. SpinCycle Stunt Trike
            Project 9. UCan2 HandCycle
            Project 10. SkyStyle Tallbike
            Section Five: Electric Power
            Project 11. Sparky Minibike
            Project 12. LongRanger Scooter
            Project 13. Silent Speedster
            Project 14. Kids' Electric Trike

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