SERVO December 2015

SERVO December 2015
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  • Animatronics for the Do-It-Yourselfer by Steve Koci
    Triggers and Sensors — There is a wide variety of options to choose from when selecting the best trigger mechanisms, but no single solution is best for every situation. Well have no fear, the answers are here!
  • Deluxe Servo Tester by Jürgen G. Schmidt
    Take the Trial and Error Out of Determining Servo Settings.
  • Spain’s Robot Museum by John Blankenship
    If you ever find yourself in Madrid, Spain, you’ll want to be sure this attraction is on your bucket list.
  • The Adventures of HitchBOT by Holden Berry
    Discover the fate of this endearing mechatron as he ventured out into worlds unknown.
  • BASIC Bots & PICAXE Processors — Part 4 by Eric Ostendorff
    RoboCar — The Self-Driving Car of the Future!


  • Twin Tweaks by Bryce Woolley, Evan Woolley
    Deck the Halls with Robots
    Sometimes the greatest gift a roboticist can give themselves is to revisit a project and find ways to optimize it.
  • Then and Now by Tom Carroll
    Robotics Lead the Way to Self-Driving Cars
    Will we have totally autonomous cars by 2035? If Google, Uber, Apple, Robot Taxi, and others have their say in the matter — then yes!

Combat Zone

  • BUILD REPORT: Building High Inertia Weapons with Novel Materials
    in Combat Zone: Features
    My 12 lb Hobbyweight, Isotelus Rex lost to Attrition in the finals at this year’s Motorama.
  • Dear Santa: All I Want for Christmas is a Heavy Weight Bot
    in Combat Zone: Features
    Ho, ho, hold on a minute, there. People don’t just GET a combat bot. You have to BUILD it, if you want to have any respect among builders.
  • PARTS IS PARTS: Screws — Keeping It Together
    in Combat Zone: Features
    Picking the right screw or bolt can be an important decision you make early in your build. There are several elements to consider when selecting your hardware for a robot.

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