SERVO November 2015

SERVO November 2015
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  • Animatronics for the Do-It-Yourselfer by Steve Koci
    A Breath of Fresh Air! The use of pneumatics provides prop builders with a unique set of qualities that are often harder to achieve with other methods of movements.
  • REVIEW: Mantis The Latest Offering from ServoCity by Jeff Cicolani
    Take to the “off” road with this latest member of the ServoCity robotics platform family.
  • Perimeter Sensing Options by John Blankenship
    Understanding the limitations and advantages of various choices of perimeter sensing can help improve the functionality of your robot.
  • BASIC Bots & PICAXE Processors — Part 3 by Eric Ostendorff
    Analog Sensors, ADCs, and a Walking Robot! Take a look at some simple sensors to give our breadboard the ability to measure distance, light, and temperature, then turn that breadboard into a simple robot.


  • Microcerebrum — Build a Better Bot Brain by Dave Prochnow
    Here’s a proposal for an inexpensive complete robot controller alternative that can deliver equivalent functionality of programmed control without the coding chore overhead.


  • Robytes by Jeff Eckert, Jenn Eckert
    Stimulating Robot Tidbits
    • Sucking Up Flies • LOCUST Swarm Coming • Origami Bot Folds Itself • Stay at the Weird • USA vs. the Rising Sun?
  • GeerHead by David Geer
    ALAN, the Android Kit
    This modular kit to make your own personalized android head uses off-the-shelf components, and can be shared with a wide field of builders, academics, and robot enthusiasts.
  • Then and Now by Tom Carroll
    Why are Robots so Hard to Develop?
    Between limitations in technology and a misperceived concept by the public at large about what robots should be able to do is the core frustration of almost every robot builder.

Combat Zone

  • BUILD REPORT: BaneBots P60 Repair and a Brushless Upgrade
    in Combat Zone: Features
    My 12 lb Hobbyweight, Isotelus Rex lost to Attrition in the finals at this year’s Motorama.
  • PARTS IS PARTS: Product Beta Test: RageBridge 2 from Equals Zero Designs
    in Combat Zone: Features
    After a very successful first generation, the RageBridge ESC (electronic speed controller) was redesigned to take advantage of some of the knowledge that stemmed from the first generation, in addition to the integration of some very useful features.
  • Big Power, Little Package: Brushless Motor Drive
    in Combat Zone: Features
    Brushless motors are quickly becoming the standard motor for weapon drive in combat robotics.
  • PROFILE: He Caught It, and I Don’t Want to Cure It: Robot Fever
    in Combat Zone: Robot Profile
    The most recent season of BattleBots™ has been a real inspiration to many. My son, Dylan, is one of those.
  • BattleBots™ Gets Tombstoned
    in Combat Zone: Events
    When entering the BattleBox, if you see the steely eyed gaze and confident smile of Ray Billings staring back at you, you know you're in trouble.
  • Tips from the Pros
    in Combat Zone: Features
    We asked some of the BattleBots' top builders what advice and tips they would give to aspiring bot builders. Here are their answers.

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