SERVO October 2015

SERVO October 2015
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  • A Mighty Bridge has Fallen by David Calkins
    The world of robotics lost one of its own recently. Lem Fugitt will be remembered as the world’s biggest fan of all robots — big and small.
  • Animatronics for the Do-It-Yourselfer by Steve Koci
    Big Red — A Bartender Only a Pirate Could Love! Just in time for Halloween, this build is one of the more complex projects attempted. Plus, it is the perfect example of being flexible when you need to abandon an original design and restart from scratch.
  • Extruders Examined by Bob Davis
    The extruder is the heart of a 3D printer. This article examines all of its different parts, how to build them correctly, and how to fix one that’s having issues.
  • MATE’s 2015 Underwater Robotics Competition by Jill Zande
    See how students were challenged with working in simulated extreme polar conditions.
  • Controlling the Beast — Interfacing Analog Controls in a Digital World by Tim Paterson
    Utilizing retired parts from former BattleBots™ competitor, Hexadecimator, get some insight into working with analog-to-digital signals and build a go-cart in the process.
  • BASIC Bots & PICAXE Processors — Part 2 by Eric Ostendorff
    LEDs, IR Control, and Servos We continue with our tips and techniques for implemeting PICAXE 08M2+ chips in robotic applications.
  • Beattys Make Building Robots a Family Affair by Christopher Fox
    This self-made family of roboteers started from scratch and now make rovers for museums.
  • HBRC Challenge 2015 by Camp Peavy
    The HomeBrew Robotics Club TABLEBot Challenge is in full swing. Check out these highlights on what has happened so far.


  • Twin Tweaks by Evan Woolley, Bryce Woolley
    Afternoon of the Robotic Punkin Chunker
    With the fall season comes Jack-o-Lanterns, spice lattes, and, of course, the annual World Championship Punkin Chunkin competition — the inspiration for this month’s project.
  • Then and Now by Tom Carroll
    AI and Robots Take Over Mankind!
    Maybe artificial intelligence isn’t the best idea after all ...

Combat Zone

  • BUILD REPORT Alternate Building Material: Wooden Robots
    in Combat Zone: Features
    Wood you like to know how I built my newest hockey bot? STICK around and I’ll explain the whole thing to you.
  • Parts is Parts: More Musings on the Hobbyking CAR-45A and HK-SENS-35A Brushless Reversible Speed Con
    in Combat Zone: Features
    In last month’s SERVO, I modified a HobbyKing CAR-45A and tested it to see if it was suitable for use as a weapon ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) for 3 lb Beetleweights.
  • German Robots Speak A Universal Language: “Love Of Destruction”
    in Combat Zone: Features
    Robot combat doesn’t just happen in central California where the two most well known events — RoboGames and BattleBots™ — deal out mega doses of mechanical destruction.
  • EVENT REPORT: Bot Bash Recap
    in Combat Zone: Events
    The eighth annual Bot Blast at the Columbia Mall in Bloomsburg, PA was the largest event in the Blast's history, as robot combat enthusiasts from across the nation converged on the small rural Pennsylvania town for a day of friendly competition, camaraderie, and fun.

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