SERVO April 2015

SERVO April 2015
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  • Automation with Actobotics by Jürgen G. Schmidt
    Take the mundane task of measuring and cutting battery lead wires and give it to your robot.
  • M is for the Robot that ARM Made by Dave Prochnow
    Meet mBot — a new platform for working with embedded robotics that is affordable, programmable, and downright fun.
  • The Basics of Soldering by Bob Wettermann, Nick Brucks
    Knowing how to solder surface-mount components by hand is a valuable skill when working with strict space requirements.
  • HelloSpoon — a DIY Robot to Help People with Upper Limb Difficulties by Luis Samahi Garcia Gonzalez
    This labor-of-love creation attempts to give folks with disabilities some of their independence back by helping them feed themselves, among other things.
  • ADHD Students Benefit from Brainwave Monitoring Programs by Holden Berry
    The same technology originally designed for NASA pilot training is helping students and adults alike to stay more focused.


  • The Robot You’ve Always Wanted - Part 4 by John Blankenship, Samuel Mishal
    In this final installment, see how Arlo’s arms and turret can be controlled through a second instance of RobotBASIC running in the background to truly make this the robot of your dreams.


  • Ask Mr. Roboto by Dennis Clark
    Your Problems Solved Here
    Delving into robot vision with a 4D Systems’ uCAM-II serial camera.
  • Twin Tweaks by Evan Woolley, Bryce Woolley
    Rise of the Simple Machines
    Adding mechanical advantage to Protobot.
  • Then and Now by Tom Carroll
    What’s New in Robotics
    Catch up on some of the latest advances in robotic products.

Combat Zone

  • SPARC: Reigniting Robot Combat?
    in Combat Zone: Features
    In April 2003, I was eight years old when I attended my first robot combat event as a driver.
  • EVENT REPORT: masSACre Dethrones 15 Pound Powerhouse, OverLoad
    in Combat Zone: Events
    The NTMA Training Centers Robotics League (TCRL) kicked off 2015 with a bang.
  • Small Bot Masters — Mike Jeffries
    in Combat Zone: Features
    Imet Mike Jeffries in 2011. This new guy shows up at DragonCon with some serious hardware: a sweet 1 lb and a 12 lb that looked like it could stop a bullet.

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