SERVO February 2015

SERVO February 2015
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  • The Robot You’ve Always Wanted by John Blankenship, Samuel Mishal
    Part 2 discusses the electronics required to control the motors and communicate with sensors.
  • littleBot: A Modern Build on a Classic BEAM Robot by Dave Prochnow
    littleBits — an ever-growing library of electronic modules that snap together — is put to the test to recreate a classic robot design.
  • Adaptive Lenses — Electronic Wonders by Vaughn D. Martin, Tony Rivera P.E.
    The latest generation of adaptive lenses has revolutionized still and video photography for use with drones and other applications.
  • Rodney Junior: Smarter than the Average Robot by Camp Peavy
    Some basic guidelines are discussed for anyone who would like to investigate artificial intelligence by playing around with a robot.
  • A Spectrometer for Your Robot Projects by Myke Predko
    For about $30 and a few hour’s work, you can build an Arduino based spectrometer to perform basic experiments with.
  • The Turing Test: From Inception to Passing by Tim Hood
    Follow the impact Alan Turing has had on determining whether an “intelligence”is human or artificial.
  • The Basics of Soldering by Bob Wettermann, Nick Brucks
    In this next part of our skill-building series, learn some tried and true through-hole component soldering practices.


  • Ask Mr. Roboto by Dennis Clark
    Your Problems Solved Here
    See how to design and use a Workshop 4 integrated development environment layout for the 4D Systems’ PICadillo 35T.
  • Twin Tweaks by Bryce Woolley, Evan Woolley
    Robots Have Got Your Back
    With all this crazy weather we’ve been having lately, some help filling sandbags would really come in handy.
  • Then and Now by Tom Carroll
    The Challenge of Agricultural Robots
    Take a look at the growth of robot usage in the agriculture industry.

Combat Zone

  • The eBay Antweight Motor
    in Combat Zone: Features
    Gear motors from eBay are often appealing because of their price point, but lack a lot of detailed specifications.
  • PARTS IS PARTS: Today’s Beetle
    in Combat Zone: Features
    Every few years, the Combat Zone surveys the builder community to help keep current with the state-of-the-art in destructive bot technology.
  • EVENT REPORT: My First Event: A Personal Narrative
    in Combat Zone: Events
    Whenever I go to events, I love to chat with the other builders about their experiences.

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