SERVO January 2015

SERVO January 2015
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  • The Robot You’ve Always Wanted by John Blankenship, Samuel Mishal
    Would you prefer a robot with some human-like features and capabilities? Well, this new series will show you how to build the robot you’ve always wanted at a price you can afford. We’ll begin with the physical construction.
  • So, What is a MakerCon? by John Iovine
    This annual event “by makers, for makers” can give you the info you need to bring your cool robot build to market.
  • Apeiros by Abraham L. Howell, PhD
    Read about this new next-generation, fully open source educational robot that makes a great platform for teaching STEM.
  • Taking a Look at the Jade Robot by Camp Peavy
    So, just how does Jade stand up to some in-depth scrutiny ... read this product review to find out.
  • Robot Blinky Lights Made Easy by Gordon McComb
    Controllable colorful lights go beyond just making your robot look super neato. They also make excellent indicators.
  • RoboCup at 17 ... Robots vs. Renaldo? by Holden Berry
    The growing popularity of soccer has brought about some bold new goals not only for human players, but in the minds of robotics experts, as well.


  • Robytes by Jeff Eckert
    Stimulating Robot Tidbits
    • It Really is Brain Surgery • No Tartar Sauce Needed • Get Your Groove On • Bot Gets Personal
  • GeerHead by David Geer
    ClearPath’s Kingfisher, Husky, and Jackal Utility Robots
    Meet three land and water robots that make light(er) work of research, recon, and exploration.
  • Ask Mr. Roboto by Dennis Clark
    Your Problems Solved Here
    Report on a “merger” between three innovative gadgets: the Digilent chipKIT board series, the 4D Systems’ PICadillo, and UECIDE.
  • Then and Now by Tom Carroll
    Should There be a Robot in Every Home?
    When it comes down to it, what exactly is a realistic vision for how robots will interact with us in our homes?
Combat Zone
  • BUILD REPORT: Nyx v2 Part 3: Weapons
    in Combat Zone: Robot Profile
    With the base of the machine done and working as desired, it was time to start on the weapon modules.
  • EVENT REPORT: Franklin Institute 2014
    in Combat Zone: Events
    Coverage of the Franklin Institute 2014 event.
    in Combat Zone: Robot Profile
    Slade — A 3D printed SL-anted bl-ADE robot.

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