SERVO September 2014

SERVO September 2014
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MATE ROV 2012 International Competition
by Morgan Berry
Wrap-up of this year’s event held in Orlando, FL. Page 36

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Far Eastern Federal University’s ALIEN ROV Revealed!
by Kevin Berry
Learn more about “Primorye Coast’s” first place entry in this year’s MATE ROV event. Page 40

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A Robot Operating System On a Chip
by John Blankenship, Samuel Mishal
Building a robot from scratch can be a daunting task for both beginning and advanced hobbyists. The newly available RobotBASIC ROS on a Chip makes the whole process easier and faster by providing a physical interface from simulations to the real deal. Page 60


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Parallax Elev-8 Quadcopter — Part 1: Mechanical Build

by Bryan Bergeron

Ready to take your robotics experiments to new heights? Then follow along with this helpful kit build that will have you up and flying in no time. Page 44

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Electronic Messaging With Your Robot

by Fred Eady

Water and things electrical normally don't mix. That's probably why you never see a robot lick a stamp. Electronic messaging is the safer solution for a robot that wants to put a note in your mailbox. This time around, we'll explore what it takes to have your mechanical animal put an electronic note in your inbox. Page 54


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by David Geer
RIT TigerBot: A Platform for Important Medical Research
TigerBot is an autonomous humanoid robot platform capable of interacting with users through speech recognition. Page 10

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by Jeff Eckert, Jenn Eckert
Stimulating Robot Tidbits
UUV Built for Consumer Market, AirBurr v.8 Revealed, Yes, It is Brain Surgery, Robo Insects: Fact or Fiction?, and Art Imitates Death. Page 08

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Ask Mr. Roboto
by Dennis Clark
Your Problems Solved Here
Our resident expert on all things robotic is merely an email away. Page 14

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Twin Tweaks
by Evan Woolley, Bryce Woolley
The Cobra Strikes Again
The process of optimization is often just as important as the initial design, and we knew that the Cobra chassis deserved more effort on our behalf to unlock the kit’s true competitive potential. Page 68

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Then and Now
by Tom Carroll
Sensors for Mobile Robots — Part 4
I want to cover some of the more unique sensors in this final part, such as visual image and voice recognition sensors. Page 74

Combat Zone

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BUILD REPORT: Siafu: An Army of Ants — Part 4
in Combat Zone: Features
In this final part of my Army of Ants series, I will describe how I made the drum for Siafu and completed the rest of the bot build. Page 30

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