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100-400 g H3LIX331DLTR Accelerometer

100-400 g H3LIX331DLTR Accelerometer
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100-400 g H3LIX331DLTR accelerometer chip, capacitors and headed pins mounted on PCB.

As seen in our November 2014 issue

The Hockey Puck accelerometer is a compact digital g-force recorder. This low cost and highly accurate measuring instrument can be used in any number of ways. Here are just a few of the uses to which you can put this tiny recorder:
  • Find out if your packages are being handled with care (or not!) by your shipping company
  • See if your crated animals are being well treated on airplane flights
  • Discover if the roadies are putting undue stresses on your musical instruments while on tour
  • See how many G's are being applied to the groceries in the trunk of your car
  • Tie it to the end of a string and see how many G's you can generate swinging it by hand
The Hockey Puck accelerometer is a fun and useful gadget for research, experimentation and science projects.

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