CHIPINO Module, Assembled

CHIPINO Module, Assembled
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As seen in our March 2011 issue of Nuts & Volts Magazine. Read the article at the link below!

Introducing CHIPINO — the Bridge Between PICs and Arduinos by The CHIPAXE Team

This fully assembled CHIPINO Module is a electronic prototyping platform that is used in the series of articles starting with the March 2011 issue of Nuts & Volts Magazine.

Developed by The CHIPAXE Team as a Bridge Between PICs and Arduinos." The module was designed specifically to match the board outline, mounting holes, connector spacing, and most of the microcontroller I/O functions found on the popular Arduino module. It offers a PIC user the opportunity to use their existing compiler and programming tools with all the great shields available to the open source world of Arduino.

A Kit is Available: CHIPINO Module Kit