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Learning Lab 1

Learning Lab 1
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40 great experiments to learn basic electronic fundamentals quickly. Well written and perfectly illustrated manual for hands-on labs.

Build over 40 really interesting experiments and circuits. Teaches how various components function, such as resistors, pots, photo cells, caps, speakers, semiconductors, etc.

Just a few of the experimental circuits include: • Burgler alarm

• Variable speed lights

• Police siren

• Moisture detector

• Morse code oscillator

• Insanity alarm game

• Electronic organ and more

Basic electronic lessons include:
Ohm's law, Resistors in Series and Parallel, Voltage Measurement and more.
Complete with everything needed including battery and manual.

Learning Lab 1 "Fundamental Concepts" includes:
  • Tron.ix 1 Book
  • Set of Experiment Lab Parts (75)
  • Solderless Circuit Board
  • 9-Volt Battery
  • Digital Multimeter (assembled and tested)
  • Resistor Color Chart

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