N&V July 2017
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  • Working with I2C Sensor Devices by Derek Hildreth
    A quick beginner-friendly tutorial that shows you how to interface and read data with I2C.
  • Building Your Own Microcontroller by Fabio Pereira
    Designing a softcore using the Zilog Z8 Encore! (a.k.a., eZ8) to learn more about VHDL (VHSIC hardware description language), FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays), and microprocessor cores themselves.


  • Build an Adaptable Controller for Your Near Space BALOONING MISSIONS, Part 2 by Richard Levergood, Maria Panacopoulos
    Build a flight controller that can be used in near space ballooning projects. Up next, the software.
  • tDCS — Brain hacking? by Walter Noon
    Experimenting with transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS).
  • Build an ESP8266 World Clock by Craig Lindley
    Build on previous ESP8266 projects to add a customizable world clock to your arsenal of time keepers.


  • Tech Forum Questions
    Check out the Questions for this issue.
  • The Spin Zone by Jon McPhalen
    A Block On the Old Chip
    BlocklyProp is a fun and easy way to build a Propeller program — piece by piece — using blocks.
  • The Ham’s Wireless Workbench by H. Ward Silver
    The Solar Eclipse and Ham Radio
    Getting ready to follow the on-air activity that will come this August 2017 when we have a total eclipse of the sun.
  • The Design Cycle by Fred Eady
    Put on a PiFace
    Working with PiFace and a RAD tool called B4J.
  • Q&A by Kristen McIntyre
    Reader Questions Answered Here
    Find answers to questions on a simple current source; a block heater power indicator; and Arduinos and LEDs — redux.


  • What’s in Your Grab-and-Go? by Bryan Bergeron
    What’s in your “grab-and-go” bag when you get phone calls for help on a friend’s electronic equipment?

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