N&V June 2016
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  • Reliable IoT Data On Your Desk by John Rucker
    Here's a unique panel meter which features the look and feel of analog with the functionality of ZigBee and SmartThings technology so you can measure all kinds of different stuff.
  • Name That Part! by David Goodsell
    Test your electronic components knowledge with this photo quiz.


  • ESP8266 NTP Clock by Craig Lindley
    The ESP8266 family of devices makes inexpensive access to the Internet a non-issue, so it’s perfect to use to build a digital NTP clock.
  • Medical Grade Bedwetting Alarm and Sensor by Jeff Tregre
    A step-by-step build of an alarm and sensor to detect moisture levels in beds.


  • Tech Forum Questions
    Check out the Questions for this issue.
  • Near Space by L. Paul Verhage
    Supporting Near Space Missions with Quadcopters
    Quadcopters can’t reach near space altitudes; the air is just too thin. However, quadcopters can still be instrumental in supporting near space exploration.
  • The Design Cycle by Fred Eady
    Let Your PIC Push the Buttons in this IoT Device
    Use a PIC32MX575F512H to monitor and control the A40 network.
  • Open Communication by Louis E. Frenzel
    How Wireless Signals Propagate
    Learn how different types of radio wave signals propagate. It may not be quite as simple as you think.
  • Practical 3D Printing by Chuck Hellebuyck
    Adding an LCD and SD Card to a 3D Printer
    Want to break away from your computer's USB connection and run your 3D printer independently? Find out how.
  • Q&A by Tim Brown
    Reader Questions Answered Here
    Microwave Oven or Death Ray and Modem Commands.


  • Wall Light Switches: Relics of the Tungsten Age? by Bryan Bergeron
    Given the increased popularity of multi-function light bulbs, it’s clear that the traditional light-only bulb and the associated 110V circuitry are on their way out.

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