N&V May 2016
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  • The Personal Computer in Amateur Radio by John Thompson
    A discussion about ham radio contesting programs, with an additional overview of all the myriad uses of computers in ham radio.
  • Old Heathkits Never Die, They Just Get Restored by David Goodsell
    If you enjoy restoring old electronic equipment, then you’re gonna love this description of bringing an EC-1 back to life.
  • Vintage Computing — Five More Projects for the Mentor’s Friend by Dane Weston
    Five more learning projects for the Amigo retro computer that will keep the fun going for you and your young protégé.


  • A Volume Controller Using Any Infrared Remote Control by Harry Moore
    Unlock better volume to your flat screen TV using any infrared remote control and your own speaker system.
  • 1/f Random Tones — Making Fractal Music with an Arduino by Tony Scarpelli
    Making fractal music with an Arduino utilizing a unique dice program.


  • Tech Forum Questions
    Check out the Questions for this issue.
  • TechKnowledgey by Jeff Eckert
    Events, Advances, and News
    Information on current events, advances, and news in various technology fields.
  • Q&A by Tim Brown
    Reader Questions Answered Here
    Low battery indicator/battery life.
  • The Ham’s Wireless Workbench by H. Ward Silver
    Waves and Propagation: Part 1
    Radio and wireless are all about waves and how they link distant points together. Learn about RF propagation, which is the way radio signals get from Point A to Point B.
  • The Design Cycle by Fred Eady
    Portable RF Mesh Alarm System Can be Monitored from Anywhere
    Combine an easy to set up and use RF alarm system with a 32-bit IoT node and you get a portable 40-node RF mesh alarm system that can be monitored from anywhere in the world.
  • The Spin Zone by Jon McPhalen
    Simple. Practical. Propeller.
    Designing your own custom templates for programming the Parallax Propeller is the way to go.


  • Vinyl Flashback by Bryan Bergeron
    There’s a resurgence of interest in vintage vinyl, turntables, and old-school tube amps.

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