N&V April 2016

N&V April 2016
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  • The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Electronics by Roger Secura
    Learn how the numbers “1” and “0” changed the world of analog and digital electronics.


  • Battery Backed Lighting System by Jim Lacenski
    Battery Backed-Up LED Illumination System.
  • A MIDI Controlled Analog Synthesizer on a Shoestring by Thomas Henry
    Build a MIDI controlled analog synthesizer for under $40 and start making electronic music right away.


  • Tech Forum Questions
    Check out the Questions for this issue.
  • PICAXE Primer by Ron Hackett
    Controlling an Electric BBQ Smoker — Part 1
    As I mentioned at the end of the February Primer, we're now going to turn our attention to using a thermocouple sensor and a solid-state relay (SSR) to monitor and control the temperature of an electric smoker.
  • PICAXE Primer by Ron Hackett
    Controlling an Electric BBQ Smoker — Part 2
    Controlling and monitoring an electric BBQ smoker with a PICAXE data logger.
  • Near Space by L. Paul Verhage
    A New Vision of BalloonSats
    A new vision for standardization of BalloonSats.
  • Q&A by Tim Brown
    Reader Questions Answered Here
    Hand tools for servicing electronic devices.
  • The Design Cycle by Fred Eady
    Basic Training for All Programming Languages
    Test driving the new M.E. Labs trainer. Everything you need to enhance your coding skills is included!
  • Open Communication by Louis E. Frenzel
    So, You Think You Know Wi-Fi
    Wi-Fi is just about the most widely used wireless technology in the world. However, there is a lot you may not know about Wi-Fi. Here is a primer to bring you up to date.
  • Practical 3D Printing by Chuck Hellebuyck
    MakerBot Customizer for 3D Print Creations
    Makerbot Customizer software makes modding a Thingiverse downloaded design a breeze.


  • Indestructibles: The Lure of Tube Audio Equipment by Bryan Bergeron
    My Sony integrated amp with copper chassis and huge toroidal transformers was a tour de force in my audio setup before the power mains took an indirect lightning hit. Because the microcontroller was fried, I couldn’t even get the unit to power up.

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