N&V January 2016

N&V January 2016
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  • SmartThings and the Device Maker by John Rucker
    How about a home automation platform with a cloud-based development environment that lets you create custom apps and microcontroller-based devices to talk to over Zigbee that you can control with your smartphone.
  • Beyond the Arduino — Part 8 by Andrew Retallack
    Power: Less is definitely more here as we focus on ways to reduce the power consumption in our projects so they can run for longer on less.


  • Build an ESR Meter for Your Test Bench by Larry Coyle
    Test your stash of capacitors with this ESR Meter and weed out any bad ones before you install them in your projects.
  • Rock It with a MIDI Keytar by Dan Lavin
    Using a Rock Band 3 keyboard, you can construct a very inexpensive, yet very capable MIDI controller for use in the studio or on stage.
  • Vintage Computing — Five Easy Projects for Your Mentor’s Friend by Dane Weston
    Utilizing the Amigo retro computer, here are some fun projects to get you started on a technology adventure, exploring computers and programming.


  • Tech Forum Questions
    Check out the Questions for this issue.
  • The Ham’s Wireless Workbench by H. Ward Silver
    Transmission Lines and SWR
    Any conductor carrying an AC current can be treated as a transmission line. Here, we'll talk about a basic element of transmission lines: the standing wave ratio. Find out why it’s important and how to measure it.
  • Q&A by Tim Brown
    Reader Questions Answered Here
    Scanner frequency change, a simple remote control, and a telephone off-hook indicator.


  • Easing Into STEM by Bryan Bergeron
    I’m often asked what the best way is to support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education with electronics.

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