N&V September 2014

N&V September 2014
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  • The Inner Workings of Rock Golem by Shannon Chappell
    So, just how do you build a 12 foot tall, 300 pound colossus?
  • Behind the Boo With Scare for a Cure by Jake Morrison
    Learn firsthand what it takes to run FX for a charity haunt.
  • Leonard Pickel On Haunting
    I come to haunting from a completely different direction that most of my colleagues ... many of whom have some theatrical or set building background. I didn't start out as a home haunter and grow into the pro ranks like many others.


  • Haunting 101: The Basics of Boo by Steve Koci
    Here are 13 prop ideas to get you started in haunting.
  • Build the Peek-A-Boo Ghost by Kevin Goodwin
    Not all decorations have to be scary. Have some fun with this quick build.
  • PumpkinFX by Graham Best
    Learn how to animate a character’s mouth to match music or speech.
  • Trio de los Muertos by Vern Graner, Marvin Niebuhr
    Mix animation and psychology with this fun prop to liven up your next “Day of the Dead” celebration.
  • Monster in a Box by Jamie Cunningham
    Give your treaters a nice trick with this prop that’ll keep ’em wondering what’s trying to get out.
  • Automating Your Haunt Using PICAXE Microcontrollers by Steve Koci
    Instead of actors running your haunt, use electronics instead.
  • Ruby’s Flame Extended Online Version - Part 1 by Don Powell
    Add “fire” to your next display.
  • Ruby’s Flame Extended Online Version Part 2 by Don Powell
    Extended Online Version - Part 2.
  • What Do You Want On Your Tombstone? by Melissa Shelton, Len Shelton
    Save time and money making decorations with CNC.
  • The Crypt Creature by Maurice Cedeno
    This entombed skeleton prop is startling good fun.

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