N&V June 2013
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  • The Lost Art of Strip Board Prototyping by Louis Dratwa
    Try out this timeless technique to wire up circuits for prototyping or functional applications.


  • Building an Electric Guitar by Craig Lindley
    This project will be music to your ears if you’ve ever wanted to construct your own stringed axe.
  • An Electronic Photocell for Lighting Control by Gerry Shand
    This simple electronic version of a photocell makes it convenient to do lighting control without the use of the sun.


  • Smiley’s Workshop by Joe Pardue
    Fritzingduino — Part 2
    We’ll be adding a boot loader and combining everything in our design onto a single printed circuit board.
  • Techknowledgey by Jeff Eckert
    Events, Advances, and News
    Printing a pancreas, a REALLY big tablet, a barometer for smartphones, and an app contest with $50,000 in prize money are some of the topics talked about this time.
  • PICAXE Primer by Ron Hackett
    Getting Started With Surface-Mount Soldering
    Getting Started With Surface-Mount Soldering. In order to finish our multiplexed LED project, we’ll need to construct a strip board version of the circuit.
  • Q&A by Russell Kincaid
    Reader Questions Answered Here
    IR sensors, batteries, electric fence indicators, datasheet errors, dial lamp modifications, garage door lights, intercom systems, DC-to-DC regulators, and high voltage regulators are discussed.
  • The Design Cycle by Fred Eady
    Taming the DualShock 3 Beast
    Taming the DualShock 3 Beast. Get ready to rumble with this Playstation game controller with USB driver code that gives access to all its pushbutton, joystick, and position sensor data.
  • Open Communication by Louis E. Frenzel
    How to Make a Modern Radio
    Take a look at how digital techniques have changed and improved analog radios.

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