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  • Getting Started With Matrix LED Displays by Thomas Henry
    With the info presented here, you’ll be able to whip up some attractive “light shows” in no time.
  • How to Make Professional Looking Control Panels and Enclosures — Part 2 by Gordon McComb
    Details on the ways to print completed graphics and transfer them to the final panel material are covered.
  • Hack an LED Desk Lamp by Jim Teixeira
    Turn an ordinary lamp into a battery operated emergency light.
  • Raspberry Pi Based Remote Temperature Monitoring System by Ben Kibalo
    Learn how to integrate 1-Wire temperature monitoring hardware with the Raspberry Pi.


  • Techknowledgey by Jeff Eckert
    Events, Advances, and News
    Rainbow on a chip, farewell to botulism, enhanced security from Dell, GIMP is good, get Cubified, flash for mobile phones, BIG screen TVs, and IEEE member predictions.
  • The Spin Zone by Jon McPhalen
    A QuickStart to Propeller Fun
    This low cost platform should be a part of every hobbyist’s arsenal.
  • Q&A by Russell Kincaid
    Reader Questions Answered Here
    Questions on a synthesis circuit, IC chips, grounding problems, resistor values (for light/dark), power supplies, and Kodak photoresist and developer are answered.
  • The Design Cycle by Fred Eady
    Controlling Homebrewed Devices With a PS DualShock 3
    What can you do with a wireless Play Station controller?
  • Near Space by L. Paul Verhage
    LED Photometers Revisited
    Build a better light intensity measuring device.
  • Smiley’s Workshop by Joe Pardue
    Our alarm clock journey continues with the melding of Fritzing and Arduino.

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