N&V December 2010

N&V December 2010
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  • Enhanced User Interface for the 16-Bit Micro Experimenter by Tom Kibalo
    Enhance the Experimenter user interface with a rotary encoder using the PIC24F timer peripheral set and its interrupt capability.
  • The Projects of Prototype This! by Joe Grand
    Joe Grand takes a closer look at the electronic aspects of his different builds from the popular Discovery Channel show Prototype This! This time, it’s the wristband GPS transmitter.


  • Put a Temperature Sensor in Your Next Arduino Project by Rob Reilly
    This particular application is for a compost monitoring device, however, you’ll learn ways to incorporate Dallas temperature sensors into your own Arduino builds.
  • Wizard Dueling Wands by Ron Newton
    Your kids will think you’re a wiz when they’re able to recreate their own Deathly Hallows with these unique dueling wands.


  • Techknowledgey by Jeff Eckert
    TechKnowledgey 2010
    Touchable 3D TV, free dupe remover, another win for relativity, plus other stuff you’ll find interesting.
  • PICAXE Primer by Ron Hackett
    Introduction to the PICAXE-18M2 Processor
    As promised, in this month’s Primer we’re going to take our first look at the new PICAXE-18M2 processor. If you read the brief “teaser” of new 18M2 features that I included in the previous installment, you already know that it’s an impressive processor, to say the least.
  • Q&A by Russell Kincaid
    Reader Questions Answered Here
    Lightning protection circuit, fan control, op-amp tester, plus more.
  • The Design Cycle by Fred Eady
    Still Rockin’ the microSD Card
    took a while, but paper punch cards finally bit the dust. Good old RS-232 is in the rocking chair, as well.These days, thanks to the microcontroller industries’ hardware refinements and ready-to-run library code, putting a USB portal online is just as easy as building an RS-232 interface.
  • Smiley’s Workshop by Joe Pardue
    Smileys Workshop: An AVR C Programming Series (Part 29)
    SPI and the AVR Butterfly DataFlash.
  • Open Communication by Louis E. Frenzel
    Open Communication
    Update On the Mobile Wireless Products We All Crave.

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