N&V June 2009
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  • You’ll Flip Over This Coin Toss Circuit by Jim Stewart
    Exclusive Online Article: It’s Friday night and you’re hungry, so you decide to go pick up some food. Maybe a pizza, or maybe some kungpao chicken. You love them both, but you must choose one or the other. Do you flip a coin? Sure! But now, you can do it electronically! Let’s build a coin toss circuit!
  • How To: A Wire Wrapping Primer by Vaughn D. Martin
    Wire wrapping is a technique for constructing single or small numbers of simple to moderately complex electronic assemblies.


  • Build A Ballistic Chronograph by David Collins
    Wanna know how fast your projectile is going? Than you need to build this!
  • Ultra Low Power CMOS Water Sensor by Michael Mullins
    Don't let water dripping from your ceiling be your first indication you've got a leak. You can build this handy device in just a couple hours.
  • Turning A Microwave Oven Into A Darkroom Timer by Al Jaszek
    Find out what you can do with a dead microwave, a wooden box, a power cord, and a socket.


  • Techknowledgey by Jeff Eckert
    TechKnowledgey 2009
    Topics covered include cold fusion ... it's back, new Minis arrive, PUMAs, chip sales bottoming, pluys other cool stuff.
  • The Design Cycle by Fred Eady
    Into the Guts of USB Drivers
    When it comes to replacing a Legacy RS-232 Interface with USB, try a Microchip PIC18F14K50 USB Flash microcontroller.
  • Open Communication by Louis E. Frenzel
    Smart Phones Leading Cellular Growth
    The cell phone has become a must-have item in our modern life. You pick it up when you grab your car keys and wallet or purse every day.
  • Q&A by Russell Kincaid
    Reader Questions Answered Here
    EV battery charger, 90 VDC power supply magic, getting an A+ in class D, plus more.
  • Smiley’s Workshop by Joe Pardue
    Smiley’s Workshop: Getting Started with the Arduino Projects Kit (Part 11)
    Adding some hardware to the mix.
  • Personal Robotics by Vern Graner
    Das BlinkenBoard
    The search for the "perfect" blinken board results in a versatile, scratch built, feature rich design, that you can build!
  • PICAXE Primer by Ron Hackett
    Taming Unruly LCD’s: Part 2
    The 14M is the perfect processor for this project. It has more than enough I/O lines and program memory for the task at hand and it’s cheap enough that you can construct two or three complete “serialized” LCDs for the price of one commercial display.

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