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N&V November 2005

N&V November 2005
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Introduction To Filters
by Russell Kincaid
This article will be limited to analog filters built with discrete components. Filters can also be made using digital signal processing (DSP) and analog distributed components (transmission lines and resonant cavities). Page 0

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Data Processing Using SCAM - Part 2
by Gamal Ali Labib
In this article, I describe in detail how the SCAM (Super Content-Addressable Memory) manipulates queries against simple and complex data types. The data is assumed to be stored in a database. This should demonstrate to application programmers and database administrators how the SCAM enhances data manipulation performance compared to traditional computer configurations. Page 60

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Review: Performance Electronics For Cars
by James Antonakos
Performance Electronics for Cars from the publishers of SiliconChip Page 64


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Build An MP3 Player Platform - Part 2

by Robert Armstrong

Last month, we looked at the hardware and software for our MP3 player project and presented the schematics. This month, we’ll talk about the actual construction, testing, operation, and possible modifications. Page 38

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Small DC Motor PWM Speed Controller

by Bill Donofrio

Get Your Motors Runnin’ For Train Sets, R/C Cars, or Robots. Page 44

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Sort Your Electronic Components By Voice

by Marc White

How to Create a Resistor Color Code Calculator Using XHTML + Voice. Page 48


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Micro Memories
by Edward B. Driscoll, Jr.
The Atari 2600
Remember the 1970s? Vietnam, Watergate, stagflation, polyester, bellbottoms, John Denver, gas rationing, Saturday Night Fever, and other events that made that decade, at least in retrospect, seem like 10 disheartening, frustrating years. But a few lasting bright spots emerged, as well. The personal computer was one of them. Page 12

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by TJ Byers
In this column, I answer questions about all aspects of electronics, including computer hardware, software, circuits, electronic theory, troubleshooting, and anything else of interest to the hobbyist. Page 16

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In The Trenches
by Gerard Fonte
Human Nature - Part 1
In my column, I often refer to human nature. I think it’s time to take a closer look at what actually constitutes human nature. This is important because engineers, as a group, are generally more interested in things than people. However, dealing with people in both personal and business settings is essential. Page 25

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Near Space
by L. Paul Verhage
The Well-Dressed Astronaut
Today’s Space Shuttle spacesuit doesn’t make a good spacesuit for planetary exploration because of the differences between working in weightlessness for a single mission and working on a dusty, gritty planet with gravity for months on end. Page 68

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by Jeff Eckert
Techknowledgey 2005
Events, Advances, and News Page 8

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Let’s Get Technical
by James Antonakos
The Zilog Z8Encore! XP Microcontroller
A few months ago, I received an email from info@zilog.com announcing a special offer of only $9.95 for their new Z8 Encore! XP 4K Series Development Kit. Like any good (or helpless) electronics shopper, I cannot resist a bargain like that, and promptly ordered a few kits to play with (one for me and a couple for my teaching colleagues). Page 80

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