Programming PICs in BASIC

Programming PICs in BASIC
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This was my first attempt at writing a Mini-Book. I used the Sample Version of PICBASIC Pro which is limited to 31 commands to show how easy it is to get started programming PICs in BASIC. The book has been quite popular. It's become the framework for future Mini-Books on PBP3.

The books covers getting started by showing how to set everything up and get your first LED to flash. Then it takes you through fun projects that show how to monitor switches, read analog sensors such as Light and Vibration sensors. It covers how to make sound through a piezo speaker. Its written as a Volume 1 and uses an 8-pin PIC12F683. My plan was to create more books in the series but when the PBP3 Student edition was released which is a low cost PICBASIC compiler without a 31 command limit I decided to start over and write a new series of Mini-Books similar to this one but based on PBP3. Look for those sometime in 2013.

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