Brilliant LED Projects

Brilliant LED Projects
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Build with confidence using this book's expert guidance and practical information, including overviews of various LED components, comprehensive listings of tool and supplies, sample clock and driver circuit building blocks, and more. A companion website gives you access to exclusive content, including downloadable assembly codes and programming codes (for the projects powered by the PIC 16F628 microcontroller). Plus, every chapter spotlights key concepts and techniques that make it easy and enjoyable for you to produce eye-catching LED displays.

  • Great for first-timers and expert hobbyists alike
  • All projects can be built with stripboard--no need to translate complicated schematics, or purchase special PCBs
  • Includes extensive guidelines for safe assembly
  • Learn the basic principles of every project component--from LEDs to dot-matrix displays and various integrated circuits
  • Create your own designs using building blocks and assembly techniques from the book's projects

Table of contents

1. Read This Before You Start Any Projects
PART ONE: Illumination and Flasher Projects
2. Basic LED Circuits: How to Make an LED Flashlight
3. An Alternative Way to Power an LED: "Green" Pocket LED Flashlight
4. Building a Clock Generator: Basic Single-LED Flasher
5. Bringing a 555 Timer to Life: LED Bike Flasher
6. Exploring Multicolor LEDs: Color-Changing Light Box
7. Using Seven-Segment Displays: Mini Digital Display Scoreboard
PART TWO: Sequencer Projects
8. Introducing the 4017 Decade Counter: Experimental LED Sequencer Circuit
9. Driving Multiple LEDs from a Single IC Output: Color-Changing Disco Lights
10. LED Binary Ripple Counter
11. Flickering LED Candle
12. Introducing the PIC16F628-04/P Microcontroller
13. LED Light Sword
14. A Manually Operated Sequencer: Invisible Secret Code Display
15. Basic LED Matrix and POV Concepts: How to Build a Three-Digit Counter
16. A Multicolor POV LED Circuit: Backpack Illuminator
17. Using a Dot-Matrix Display to Show a Waveform: Digital Oscilloscope Screen
18. Light-Dependent LEDs: Experimental Low-Res Shadow Camera
19. Creating a POV Effect in Mid-Air: Groovy Light Stick
20. Showing Numbers on a Dot-Matrix Display: Dot-Matrix Counter
21. Creating Animations and Scrolling Text on a Dot-Matrix Display: Moving Message Destiny Predictor
Appendix: Useful Resources

Author comments

Nick Dossis holds a Higher National Certificate in Electronic/Electrical Engineering. He is the author of several articles published in Everyday Practical Electronics (EPE) magazine, a popular monthly publication for electronic hobbyists. Nick has been playing around with electronics for most of his life, originally encouraged by his grandfather who bought him his first crystal radio set when he was six. He continues to design electronic circuits and projects in his spare time.

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