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Tron.ix 1 Lab Manual

Tron.ix 1 Lab Manual
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This is the beautiful fully-illustrated manual for the hands-on lab to help you build 40 of the most interesting experiments you have ever seen on a solderless circuit board, and as you do, you learn how the basic components work in a circuit. You will enjoy hours of fun creating all kinds of sounds and light displays..

This lab is used in thousands of schools all over the world. Amaze your yourself with all the circuits you can create and you may be on your way to an interesting career in electronics and computers.

Table of Contents

40 Lessons and Experiments.

L01 - Basic Electronic Circuits
L02 - How to Read the Resistor Color Code
L03 - How to Use a Solderless Circuit Board
L04 - How to Read Capacitor Values
L05 - How a Resistor Works
L06 - How a Potentiometer Works
L07 - How a Photocell Works
L08 - How a Capacitor Works
L10 - How a Diode Works
L11 - How an SCR Works
L12 - How an NPN Transistor Works
L13 - How a PNP Transistor Works
L14 - A Two-Transistor Oscillator
L15 - How an 555 IC Timer Works
L16 - Ohm’s Law / E=I*R
L17 - Resistors in Series
L18 - Resistors in Parallel
L19 - Measuring Voltage with a MM
L20 - Watt’s Law / P=I*E
L21 - Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law (KVL)
L22 - Kirchhoff’s Current Law
L23 - Dual Burglar Alarm
L24 - Automatic Night Light
L25 - DC to DC Power Supply
L26 - Electronic Metronome
L27 - Electronic Motorcycle
L28 - Railroad Lights
L29 - Variable Speed Lights
L30 - Continuity Tester
L31 - Audio Generator
L32 - Electronic Police Siren
L33 - IC Screaming Box
L34 - Variable Timer
L35 - Moisture Detector
L36 - Morse Code Oscillator
L37 - Nose-Beeper Game
L38 - English Police Siren
L39 - Insanity Alarm Game
L40 - Electronic Organ

There is also a "Build by Schematic" Section at the end so you can test your student's ability to practice reading schematics.

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