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The Nuts & Volts of BASIC Stamps, Volume 7

The Nuts & Volts of BASIC Stamps, Volume 7
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Nuts & Volts of BASIC Stamps, Volume 7 includes articles #129 - 140 from Nuts & Volts Magazine.

In this 2006 collection, BASIC Stamp 1, BASIC Stamp 2, SX/B, and Propeller programming are explored in a series of real-world applications. This book is useful for the Nuts & Volts reader, newcomers to BASIC Stamp, SX, and Propeller microcontroller projects, and seasoned programmers looking for new ideas.

Some of the featured applications include:
  • A BS2-based light controller
  • A three-part series introducing the Propeller chip's Spin language
  • Custom graphics for the Noritake 112x16 VFD display
  • Hacking the Parallax GPS Module with SX/B
  • Stepper-motor control with the Propeller chip
  • And much more!

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