Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing
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Learn the fundamentals of DSP and digital filter design

With a strong focus on basic principles and applications, this thoroughly up-to-date text provides a solid foundation in the concepts, methods, and algorithms of digital signal processing. Key topics such as spectral analysis, discrete-time systems, the sampling process, and digital filter design are all covered in well-illustrated detail.

Filled with examples and problems that can be worked in MATLAB or the author's DSP software, D-Filter, Digital Signal Processing offers a fully interactive approach to successfully mastering DSP.

Accessible and comprehensive, this resource covers the essentials of DSP theory and practice including:
  • The Fourier and z transforms and their application in the spectral analysis of signals
  • Discrete Fourier transform (DFT), fast Fourier transform (FFT) algorithms, and window techniques
  • Finite impulse response (FIR) and infinite impulse response (IIR) digital filter design using both closed-form and iterative optimization methods
  • Detailed study of digital filter imperfections
  • Master DSP and Digital Filter Design
  • Introduction to Digital Signal Processing
  • Fourier Series and Fourier Transform
  • The z Transform
  • Discrete-Time Systems
  • Applications of the z Transform
  • The Sampling Process
  • Discrete Fourier Transform
  • Realization of Digital Filters
  • Design of Nonrecursive (FIR) Filters
  • Approximations for Analog Filters
  • Design of Recursive (IIR) Filters
  • Design of Recursive (IIR) Filters Satisfying Prescribed Specifications
  • Random Signals
  • Effects of Finite Word Length in Digital Filters
  • Design of Nonrecursive (FIR) Filters Using Optimization Methods
  • Design of Recursive (IIR) Filters Using Optimization Methods
  • Wave Digital Filters
  • DSP Applications

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