Wireless Taillight PCB Set & Programmed Chips

Wireless Taillight PCB Set & Programmed Chips
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Also available as a complete kit 

This partial kit includes the custom parts you’ll need to build your wireless taillight system.
The custom parts include:
One transmitter PCB
Two receiver PCBs
Three programmed chips
Two plastic lens covers

Never wire trailer lights again!

A friend of mine needed help solving a problem his local construction firm was having with his big gravel trailers and water tankers. His employees kept breaking the taillights and/or ripping out the towing harnesses. This caused a sizable amount of down time and expense due to repairs. As you know, it is illegal to tow without taillights, and my friend’s rigs are big. It is a disaster waiting to happen if wiring harnesses are being flexed too much.

LEDS draw small amounts of energy and can be powered using small batteries for long periods of time. That makes them ideal for this type of project.......

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