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MakerPlot Software

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MakerPlot Software
MakerPlot Software  
SKU SKU17212
Author MakerPlot
Format PC

Price:  $39.00

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Attention Nuts & Volts Readers! Get a Discount on MakerPlot software!

Please visit MAKERPLOT.COM to Purchase the MakerPlot Software at a Discounted Price. Instructions for discount are below:

Discount Code: NVMP092713
1. Logon to www.makerplot.com
2. Click on the “Buy” menu link
3. Under Single User License click on “Add to Cart”
4. Enter your country, zip code and the Nuts&Volts Discount Code
5. Click “Update Cart” - your total should be $34.00
6. Click “Checkout”
7. Enter your First and Last name and valid email address
8. Click on “Complete Free Checkout”
9. Your Invoice and Registration Code will be emailed to you!
MakerPlot has been called   Graphical Data Acquisition and Control for your Microcontroller and Imagination  due to the powerful interactions available between the micro's firmware and the PC software. 

With dozens of meters, buttons, switches and text boxes you have full control of the screen interface design and how information is displayed, plotted, logged to files, printed and more. 

Your microcontroller also has the ability to read information directly from the interfaces for interactive measurement, plotting and control.

The ability to design a customized GUI interface for monitoring your data combined with the ability to program your microcontroller to interface directly and simply with the GUI is a powerful combination for a developer.

We named it   MakerPlot  for those “Makers” desiring to create simple yet powerful interfaces for their projects and products, either for monitoring data and/or with control actions that affect the GUI and a user's experience with it.

But there’s much more to   MakerPlot  than that…
makerplot data flow
MakerPlot  is compatible with most popular microcontrollers that output serial asynchronous data at standard Baud rates in the conventional RS-232 format including serial-to-USB devices like those from FTDI and MicroChip. These include Arduino ®   shields, PIC ® ,  PicAXE ® , Basic Stamp ® , Propeller ® , BasicX ® , Intel, Motorola, TI, et al.   (trademarks for these products are property of their respective companies) .   And there's no proprietary hardware required.
Click Here to Download  Your FREE 30 day MakerPlot Trial Version
This is the full-featured   MakerPlot  version with the following restrictions:
  • 30 day operational limit on plotting and interface building
  • 3 minute timeout on plot connections - must reconnect after 3 minutes

Operating Systems

  • MakerPlot  will run on Windows ®  XP, Windows   ® Vista, Windows ®  7.
  • Windows ®  8 is under evaluation.
  • Macs can use suitable emulation software to run   MakerPlot.
  • The Linux OS is not supported at this time.

General Information          info@makerplot.com
Technical Support              support@makerplot.com

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