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N&V July 2013

N&V July 2013
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  • Build A Bluetooth Controller For Your Digital Camera by Michael Wieckowski, PhD
    Now, you can easily do self-portraits, group shots, and time-lapse photos by leveraging your favorite iOS device as the wireless user interface. You’ll be able to incorporate this circuit into other projects, as well.
  • Build An Emergency Radiation Monitor Alarm by Ron Newton
    This easy-to-build device makes a perfect addition to an emergency preparedness kit.
  • Make A Smart Necklace by Craig Lindley
    Your Mardi Gras “beads” will be the talk of the town with this customizable jewelry that makes great gifts too!


  • Techknowledgey by Jeff Eckert
    Events, Advances, and News
    Raising our taxels, free image enhancement, and finding hidden cell phones are just some of the interesting tidbits discussed this time around.
  • The Spin Zone by Jon McPhalen
    Sounding Off With WAV Files
    Learn how to play audio with the Propeller, while it’s doing other functions.
  • Q&A by Ron Hackett
    Reader Questions Answered Here
    A radio modification, a beginner’s question, a Jacob’s ladder circuit, electret microphones, and a stable, accurate oscillator are covered.
  • The Design Cycle by Fred Eady
    Accessing Bluetooth For Remote Control Action
    This month, we will eliminate the wires and use a $2 Bluetooth dongle to connect Microchip's most powerful microcontroller to our PlayStation DualShock 3. By the time you read the last sentence, you will be able to remote-control enable anything you can attach to the I/O pins of a PIC32MX.
  • Near Space by L. Paul Verhage
    LED Photometers Revisited — Part 2
    Test and calibrate this upgraded version to collect photometer data in near space.
  • Smiley’s Workshop by Joe Pardue
    Arduino Handheld Prototyper — Part 1
    Go portable with this cool device that gives you the power to control the world (or smaller stuff) in your own two hands.

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