Programming and Customizing the Multicore Propeller

Programming and Customizing the Multicore Propeller
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The Only Official Guide to the Parallax Multicore Propeller

Written by a team of Propeller experts, this authoritative guide shows you how to realize your design concepts by taking full advantage of the multicore Propeller microcontroller's unique architecture. The book begins with a review of the Propeller hardware, software, and Spin language so you can get started right away. Programming and Customizing the Multicore Propeller Microcontroller: The Official Guide is filled with a wide variety of step-by-step, hands-on projects. Put your ideas into production when you learn how to:
  • Debug code for multiple cores
  • Understand how the Propeller interacts with different sensors
  • Wirelessly network Propeller chips
  • Build a balancing robot and control it with computer vision
  • Develop networking applications using an off-the-shelf Ethernet chip
  • Create a portable multivariable GPS tracking and data logging device
  • Use the Propeller as a remote virtual peripheral for media applications
  • Create a Propeller-powered HVAC green house model
  • Synthesize speech with the Propeller

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Table of contents

Ch 1. The Propeller Chip Multi-core Microcontroller - Jeff Martin
Ch 2. Introduction to Propeller Programming - Jeff Martin
Ch 3. Debugging Code for Multiple Cores - Andy Lindsay
Sensor Basics for Multprocessing - Andy Lindsay
Ch 4. Wirelessly Networking Propeller Chips - Martin Hebel
Ch 5. DanceBot, a Balancing Robot - Hanno Sander
Controlling a Robot with Computer Vision - Hanno Sander
Ch 6. Using Multi-core for Networking Applications using an Off-the-shelf Ethernet Chip - Shane Avery
Ch 7. Portable Multivariable GPS Tracking and Data Logger - Joshua Hintze
Ch 8. Using the Propeller as a Remote Virtual Peripheral for Media Applications - Andre’ LaMothe
Ch 9. The HVAC Green House Model - Vern Graner
Ch 10. Synthesizing Speech with the Propeller - Chip Gracey

Biographical note

Parallax, Inc., a privately held company,
designs and manufactures microcontroller development tools
and small single-board computers that are used by electronic
engineers, educational institutions, and hobbyists.

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